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We are Urban Forage, established on the 6th April 2021 by Christian Amys. Christian is a previous Masterchef:The Professionals Quarter Finalist, Michelin Chef and Master Forager. We are based in The Stanmer Craft Museum in Stanmer Park and run courses, supply bespoke clients and consult on sustainable foraging.


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Wild Garlic

Other Names: Ramsons, Bear’s Garlic, allium ursinum

Seasonality: Sping (early March to May)

Contains: High in Vitamin C, Manganese, Sodium and Calcium

Availability: Fair

Bulbous perennial plant that grows on in damp wooded shaded areas Usually nestled close by to a fresh water source. You will smell it before you see it.

Bulbs form a single leaf shoot up to 20-25cm long, it produces 6-20 small umbel flowers. Leaves can be similar in appearance to Lords and Ladies, Bluebells or Lily of the Valley which are all all toxic.

A delicate Green leaf, wilts in warm air, so keep refrigerated and covered, wash in an ice bath and dry in a salad spinner to refresh. Leaves should be clipped by the stem and not uprooted, handle as little as possible and treat like a salad leaf.

Make into Pesto’s, Oil infusions and Garlic purees, but cook the leaf quickly in Boling water or oil to preserve, anything made with raw leaves should be refrigerated and consumed within 3 weeks.

Chiffonade or serve whole in salads, or serve raw or flashed through boiling water with many meat fish and vegetables dishes as you would normal Garlic or Chives.

Fold into Bread and Pastries for garlic flavour and can be dried as flakes or powder for later use.


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