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Red Cracking Bolete

Other Names: Xerocomellus chrysenteron

Seasonality: Aug to Oct

Availability: Fair

A gorgeous Boletus mushroom, it bruises and stains blue.

Young specimens have a scarlet velvety cap which goes brownish red with age. Cracks form from the edge.

The stem is Reddish streaky from the base fading to Yellow at the cap with yellow pores, which discolour to blue very quickly after picking.

The flesh of the cap is white but bruises to blue immediately after harvesting!

It's considered edible but doesn't carry much flavour.

Likes coniferous and deciduous forests but can pop up by paths and on the edge.

A great bolete to identify, although not for the beginner!

But watch out for Satan's Bolete which can look similar and is TOXIC.

The Spore Print is bluey green.


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