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Witchcraft Foraging for Spell Intentions

"Embrace the Magic of Wicca with Our Foraging / Intention Jar Spell Workshop"

  • 35 British pounds
  • Stanmer

What happens

We're back! Following on from our Spell intention workshop last year, we're back with a selection of monthly dates! As the veil thins and the spirits draw near, connect with the energies of transformation, reflection, and manifestation. Join us for a special Intention Jar Spell Workshop and tap into the ancient wisdom of this sacred season. Come on a spiritual forage walk, guided by Christian our Foraging expert who will give you tips and guidance on how to identify and harvest Wild Plants, Herbs and Fungi. Sasha will guide you through the process of selecting and infusing your chosen ingredients, as well as explaining the symbolic meaning behind various herbs, crystals and other elements commonly used. You'll discover the ancient art of harnessing your intentions and desires to manifest your deepest aspirations. Sasha will guide you through the process of crafting your own personalized Intention Jar, a powerful tool for channeling your energy and focusing your intentions. Workshop Highlights: 1. Foraging with Christian : Guided forage walk with demonstrations and safety tips around Stanmer Park, learn how to Identify your plants. 2. Intention Jar Crafting: Craft your own enchanting Intention Jar. Choose from an array of materials, hebs, crystal, or even the things you find while foraging. 3. Setting Intentions: Explore the art of intention-setting during this potent time of year. Learn how to frame your intentions with clarity and align them with the energy of Wicca. 4. Herbal Wisdom: Discover the magical properties of each herb/flower you find while foraging and how to incorporate them into your Intention Jar for added depth and potency. 5. Foraged Herbal Tea: Coming together around a fire with a tea using the herbs and flowers we have foraged together. 7. Community and Celebration: Connect with a community of like-minded individuals as we celebrate the season's magic and share our knowledge and stories. Sasha and Christian DATES COMING SOON

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  • Urban Forage, Craft Museum, Stanmer, Brighton, UK

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